Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10: Saint Francis Borgia

Saint Francis Borgia
by Alonzo Cano


Francis was a very lucky man. He was a duke in charge of a region of Spain, and he had a wife he loved, eight children and a deep love for Jesus. When his wife died, Francis gave up his dukedom, and became a priest of the Society of Jesus. His superior tested Francis by making sure his life as a priest was exactly the opposite of how he had lived as a duke. He had to carry wood for the fire and sweep the kitchen. But Francis didn’t mind being humbled. He became a great preacher and important people would come to him for advice. In time, he became the head of his order, and he sent missionaries all over the world. Because of Francis’ leadership, the Society of Jesus has become a very important help to the Church in many different countries.


Saint Francis Borgia knew that no matter how important he could have been, it was more important to serve Jesus and the brothers in his order by doing the worst possible jobs. Today, do one or two of the "worst" chore in your household - without complaining - to serve your family members. 

Saint Francis Borgia, pray for us!

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