Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26: Pope Saint Cletus

St. Cletus


The name “Cletus” means, “One Who Has Been Called,” and that is the perfect name for him because Cletus was called by God to serve the Church. He was ordained a priest by Saint Peter himself. Cletus (sometimes called Anacletus) also became the third pope, serving from the year 76 to 88. He ordained quite a few priests himself, as the Church was growing quickly at that time.


One of the smart things that Pope Saint Cletus did was he divide Rome into 25 parishes so that the people could be served more efficiently. Today, look at your diocese’s website and find out how many parishes are overseen by your local bishop or archbishop. Pray for each parish by name, asking God to bless them. 

Saint Cletus, pray for us!

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