Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18: St. Athanasia of Aegina


When Athanasia was a young girl weaving at her loom, she experienced a mystical union between her heart and a star. She wanted to be a religious sister, but there was a law that all single girls who were old enough had to marry soldiers. So she married a young officer when she was only 16. But 16 days later, her husband was killed in battle. Her next husband was a very religious man who decided he was called to become a monk. So, he went to a monastery and Athanasia turned their house into a convent. God used her to heal people. 


When Athanasia's heart was united with a star, she knew she was called by God to serve Him. Here's a fun paper craft project - weaving two different colors of paper together to make a heart with a star in the middle (it's the first pattern at the top of the page). Make one and hang it somewhere to remind you to commit yourself to God's will every day, just as Athanasia did. 

Saint Athanasia, pray for us! 

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