Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20: Saint Paul of the Cross

St. Paul of the Cross
by Piet Phillippe


Paul of the Cross was born in Italy in 1694. He loved the Lord his whole life, and when he grew up, he received a vision that he would start a new congregation of religious brothers focused on the Passion of Christ, including the black robes and emblem they would wear. Paul spoke with his bishop about this and soon, the congregation was founded, wearing the exact habit that Paul had seen in his vision. They are called the Passionists, and they still wear the robes and emblem to this day. Paul lived a saintly life, working hard and living humbly in trust of God’s mercy.


God calls all different people to start religious congregations and apostolates. Some day, He might even call you to start one. Can you imagine what kind of habit you would wear? Think about what color and symbols would show other people your love for Christ, and draw and color it today. (Younger kids can color a Passionist emblem.)

Saint Paul of the Cross, pray for us!

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