Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14: Saint Pope Callistus I

Saint Pope Callistus I
at the Notre Dame Cathedral
in Marne, France


Callistus had a very hard life. He was born at the end of the second century, and he was a slave. His master put him in charge of a bank, and the bank failed. So, he tried to run away, but he was caught and sentenced to hard labor. The pope took pity on him and released him. And then the next pope after that called on Callistus for help. When that Holy Father died, Callistus was named pope instead of another option, Saint Hippolytus. After that, Hippolytus was very critical of Callistus, because he thought that Callistus showed too much mercy to sinners. Maybe Callistus understood the need for mercy because he knew how much he needed it when he was younger. Eventually, Callistus was martyred, probably during a riot in the year 222.


Our current Holy Father, Pope Francis, is a leader after Callistus’ own heart. He is full of mercy for sinners, and he has asked all of us to be merciful to others as well. Today, pray that God will give you a merciful heart. Throughout the day, do your best to show mercy to everyone you meet.

Saint Callistus, pray for us!

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