Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28: St. Wenceslaus


St. Wenceslaus was born in Bohemia (now called Czech Republic). His dad was a duke, which was sort of like being a governor. Wenceslaus' grandmother taught him about Jesus. After his dad was murdered, Wenceslaus became duke at the age of 18. He wanted everybody to know about Jesus because he was sure they would all love the Lord as much as he did, but his brother Boleslaus, didn't like this. He and some other non-Christian Czech nobles invited Wenceslaus to a religious festival and killed him as he was on his way to Mass! People always remembered his great faith. 


Today is a national holiday in the Czech Republic. They have theatrical events and dances and eat delicious food, including sweet fruit dumplings called ovocné kynuté knedlíky. Here is an authentic recipe. Don't worry - they are quite easy to make and there is even a video to show you every step. 

Saint Wenceslaus, pray for us!

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Last year, we learned about St. Lorenzo and practiced our best handwriting.

Special note: Don't forget to pray for the unborn, their mothers and all abortion providers. It's 40 Days for Life!