Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sept 14: Exaltation of the Cross

"Saint Helena & Heraclius Taking
the Holy Cross to Jerusalem"
from the Museo de Zaragoza


Ever since the end of 600s, Catholics have celebrated two very important events on this day: the discovery of the cross on which Jesus died by Saint Helena in the year 320, and the dedication of the shrine built on Calvary by her son Constantine in 335. It's a day to remember how Jesus conquered death and opened the doors of Heaven for all of us. At Mass today, you will hear (or have heard) the entrance antiphon, "We should glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he is our salvation, our life and our resurrection: through him we are saved and made free."


One of the first prayers most of us ever learn is the Sign of the Cross. But sometimes, we can take it for granted and repeat the words without thinking about them, or simply wave our hands around instead of intentionally touching our foreheads, chests and shoulders. Today, make sure your whole family really learns how to pray the Sign of the Cross, and make a commitment to always picture Jesus on the Cross whenever you pray it. 

Saint Helena and Saint Constantine, pray for us!

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