Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25: The Apostle Mark


Mark is referred to in the Bible as “John Mark.” He and his mom were two of the first Christians, and the Church met in their house in Jerusalem for quite some time. Mark and St. Barnabas were cousins, and both of them went with Saint Paul on his missionary journey to Cyprus. Mark also assisted Saint Peter in Rome. Around the year 60 A.D., the Romans asked Mark to write down the story of Christ as Saint Peter had told it, which became the second Gospel of the New Testament.


Saint Mark’s symbol is the lion, so why not make some lion cupcakes to celebrate his feast day? Bake any flavor you want, and then frost them with vanilla frosting tinted golden yellow. Use some black decorator gel to draw on a simple face. For the mane, you can either use more frosting and a star tip (or put it in a baggie with the corner snipped in the shape of an M) as shown, or just buy some chocolate candy sprinkles to make the hair around the lion’s face.

Saint Mark, pray for us!

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