Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3: Saint Blaise

St. Blaise
Mary Assumption Parish
Niederwaldkirchen, Austria
Photo by Wolfgang Sauber


Saint Blaise lived in the eighth century. He was a bishop in Armenia. Once, a woman came running up to him holding her little boy, who had a fish bone stuck in his throat and couldn’t breath. Saint Blaise healed him. He was also known to heal wild animals. Once he told a wolf to let go of a pig that it had stolen from a poor woman, and the wolf obeyed. 


Many Catholic parishes – especially those that have an elementary schools – still perform the Blessing of Throats on Saint Blaise Day. Two candles are blessed and crossed against the throat as the priest prays for you to avoid illness – a great thing during cold and flu season! So, go to Mass today to receive your blessing. 

Saint Blaise, pray for us!

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