Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30: Saint Anysia


Saint Anysia grew up wealthy, but she never wanted to live a rich life. She  dedicated herself to Jesus and her money to helping the poor. Everybody knew she did this because she was a Christian. One day, a soldier tried to drag Anysia into a pagan temple to make a sacrifice to his false gods. Anysia resisted, making him so angry, he drew his sword and killed her. 


We are so lucky we live in a time when we can act like Christians and help the poor without being afraid. Many of us help the poor before Christmas or even on Christmas day, but the poor need our help every day. To honor the memory of Saint Anysia, go through all your belongings and find good, useful things that don't work for you any more but could be used by somebody else. (No raggedy clothing or threadbare socks!) Maybe you got two of the same item for Christmas, so you can give away the spare. Take these items to a homeless shelter in your community to be given to somebody in need. 

Saint Anysia, pray for us!

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