Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28: Saint Anthony the Hermit

St. Anthony the Hermit
by Baltasar de Echave


Saint Anthony became a monk when he was a young man. For a while, he lived in a community, but he had so many men who wanted to learn from him, he didn’t have the time to focus on Jesus that he really wanted. So he ran away to a more quiet location and lived as a hermit, all by himself. Saint Anthony grew so close to Jesus that he understood the Lord’s will very well, and God was able to work miracles through him. 


With Christmas, it is a very busy time of year! Some of us have so many gatherings with family and friends spread throughout the week, we can forget to make special time for Jesus. Saint Anthony never forgot this and neither should we. Today, set a timer for 15 minutes and spend that time totally alone with Jesus, talking to Him and listening to Him. What would happen in your life if you did that every day? 

Saint Anthony the Hermit, pray for us! 

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