Monday, December 30, 2013

December 31: Pope Saint Sylvester

Statue of Pope Saint Sylvester
at the Church of Saint Sylvester
Pisa, Italy


Born in Rome and ordained by Pope Saint Marcellinus, Sylvester was accustomed to Christian persecution. Then Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal, and two years later, Sylvester became Pope. One of the most important gatherings in Church history happened during his papacy: the Council of Nicea in 325, where hundreds of priests, bishops and theologians met to talk about what God wanted to do with the Church.  But Pope Sylvester was too old to go. He sent two priests to represent him. When the Council ended. Pope Sylvester agreed with all their decisions, including the Nicene Creed


At every Sunday Mass, we stand together to pray the Nicene Creed. Read it together today. Do you know it by heart? If you memorize it, it’s easier to think through what the words mean as you say them at Mass. Work on memorizing the Creed today if you haven’t already.

Pope Saint Sylvester, pray for us!

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